THE SK-I55 –$2195.00 Cdn

The world’s first fully automatic chunky punch card machine.

Knit: Stockinet, Tuck Stitch, Slip Stitch, Punch Lace, Fair Isle, Weaving

With punch card chunky you can knit all these fabrics quickly and automatically  just like the Professionals do.

THE SK-I55 Professional – Knitting Machine

Silver Reed SK155 Knitting Machine

Designed and developed by the experts, the SK-155 Professional is engineered and manufactured to meet high standard of versatility and durability.  With a 12 stitch punch card pattern repeat, a 2.8 gauge, and 9mm. pitch, the SK-155 Professional gives you everything you want from a Chunky Knitting Machine.

Pattern Collection – Blank Card – Handy Punch (Options)

Choose from well over one hundreds punch card designs in the Chunky Punch Card Pattern Book.  Use blank cards and a handy punch to copy these stitch patterns, or design your own.

Machine Knitting

Machine Knitting

Intarsia Carriage AG-155 (Option)

Knit fabulous multi-coloured patterns and beautiful pictures with optional intarsia carriage.  Intarsia knitting grows really quickly on SK-155 Professional, because the stitches are so big and chunky.  Every stitch you knit can be a different colour – and of course, intarsia means no floats across the back of the knitting.  Knit the prettiest pictures with intarsia carriage.