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Design A Knit
communicates with your knitting machine via a cable between your computer and the knitting machine. Soft Byte developed during the development of Design A Knit also a set of cables to connect your computer to your knitting machine. These cables use a serial port of your computer.

In 2003 we developed the SilverLink 4 to resolve the problems concerning mispatterning caused by the fact that Windows cannot work real time. The SilverlLink 4 provides both serial and USB connectivity.

We have now also developed the SilverLink 3 USB. The SilverLink 3 USB can be connected directly to a USB port on your pc without the need for a serial to USB converter. The SilverLink 3 USB has the same functionality as the current SilverLink 3. The difference (apart from a complete new design) is that you no longer need a serial port on your PC and that the EC1 or the knitting machine is no longer required for transfer of pattern from and to the PE1. You hook up your PE1 to your PC via USB.

The SilverLink 6 USB combines the functionality of the SilverLink 3 USB and the ScreenLink USB. You can transfer patterns to the PE1 like you would do with the SilverLink 3 USB and you can knit interactive like you would do with a ScreenLink USB.

Silverlink4 USB Silverlink3/6 USB
Cable Design A Knit Versions SL4 Design A Knit 7 (7.14 and higher) SL/SL3/SL6 Design A Knit 6 (6.11 and higher) Design A Knit 7 (7.14 and higher)
16/32 bit Operating Systems Windows 98 Windows ME Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2008 64 bit Operating Systems (*) Windows 2003 x64 Windows XP x64 Windows Vista x64 Windows 2008 x64 * Design A Knit doesn’t run (yet) on 64 bit operating systems.

Cable PC Connectivity Power SL4 Series A USB connector DCE RS232 connector External 220 V power supply SL/SL3/SL6 Series A USB connector Derived from USB
cable Diagnostics SL4 LED Green Power is supplied to Silverlink 4   LED Red/Green Needle is selected or not selected   LED Red/Green Green: RS232, Red: USB SL/SL3/SL6 LED Green PC sends data to the knitting machine   LED Red Knitting machine or IK option sends data to the PC
Documentation SL/SL3/SL6 English
Available Cables
Product Description Knitting machines SL4USB Silverlink 4 USB SK550, SK560, SK580, SK830, SK840, SK860, SK890, LC580, AG50 SL4RS232 Silverlink 4 RS232 SK550, SK560, SK580, SK830, SK840, SK860, SK890, LC580, AG50 SL3USB Silverlink 3 USB PE1 SL6USB Silverlink 6 USB SL3USB+IK SLUSB Screen link USB punch card & non-electronic machines
Below you find a table that provides cable options per knitting machine.
Please consult the table to work out which USB cable is appropriate for your knitting machine.

Machines and USB Cable options
Machine USB Cable Upload Download Interactive Knitting Serial Cable SK550 SL4USB No Yes for IK Yes SL4RS232 SK560 SL4USB No Yes for IK Yes SL4RS232 SK580 SL4USB No Yes for IK Yes SL4RS232 SK830 SL4USB No Yes for IK Yes SL4RS232 SK840 SL4USB No Yes for IK Yes SL4RS232 SK860 SL4USB No Yes for IK Yes SL4RS232 SK890 SL4USB No Yes for IK Yes SL4RS232 LC580 SL4USB No Yes for IK Yes SL4RS232 AG50 SL4USB No Yes for IK Yes SL4RS232 PE1 SL3USB Yes Yes No SL3   SL6USB Yes Yes Yes SL3+SL Other SLUSB No No Yes SL

Upload: transfer patterns from the knitting machine to your PC
Download: transfer patterns from your PC to the knitting machine
IK: Design A Knit Interactive Knitting

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