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General Lubrication

Ballistol can be used to lubricate practically anything on and around cars, boats, motorcycles etc.. If it squeaks, if it binds – Ballistol! Since Ballistol is not toxic and does not contain any carcinogenic substances, it is safe for use inside a car or boat in areas where people might touch it. Since it becomes practically odorless approximately 20 minutes after application, its smell will not be a nuisance to people traveling in a vehicle.

You can lubricate practically any material with Ballistol. Ballistol can be used on all metal, and all plastics. Zippers on convertibles (Jeep etc.) can be lubricated and maintained with Ballistol. Door hinges, locks, antennas, switches, threads on lugs and nuts, adjustable seats, sliding car windows etc. can be lubricated with Ballistol.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ballistol works well with leather and wood. It prevents leather from becoming brittle and protects it against humidity. Between 2 and 6 fl.oz. of Ballistol mixed with an average size bucket full of cold water can be used as car polish. Apply the mixture with a clean sponge, wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth and enjoy the new shine of you cars old paint.

Treat your plastic dash board with Ballistol. Unlike other products, Ballistol will not make your dash board crack. Ballistol contains UV protectants which prevent intense sun light from damaging your dash board. Wooden appliances in luxury cars or RVs or vinyl seat covers can be maintained and cleaned with Ballistol. Apply in pure form to wood and use 1 part Ballistol with 10 parts water on vinyl (one quart of Ballistol with 2.5 gallons of water).

Ballistol removes tar and insect stains and protects, cleans and shine chrome plated parts.

Wire pulls can be maintained and kept in smooth operating condition with Ballistol. Apply to steel wire. Ballistol will creep along the wire all by itself. Since Ballistol will never gum up, it will not become a problem in your wire pulls later. Gearshifts, throttle cables, brake and clutch cables on motorcycles etc. can be kept up with Ballistol.

Cleaning Truck Parts

Ballistol is used for the cleaning of truck parts. Ballistol will clean truck parts without completely degreasing them, thus leaving them covered with a thin film of paraffin which protects them against corrosion. Depending on the dirtiness of the parts, Ballistol can be recycled 2-4 times by filtering it through a wire filter with a mesh width of approx. 20-40 micrometers. In the event that Ballistol thickens after a period of repeated use, a small quantity of Iso-Butanol and/or Benzene can be added to restore its previous viscosity.

Warning: Ballistol Is no longer strictly non-toxic, once Benzene has been added to it!

Water in Fuel Tank

Small amounts of water can be eliminated from fuel tanks with the help of Ballistol. Ballistol emulsifies with water and mixes with fuel. If you have water in your fuel tank, pour in a few ounces of Ballistol (approximately 3-5 fluid ounces), hop on the bumper or fill more gas Into the tank to make the Ballistol, the water and the fuel mix evenly. Then start your car. The water will burn away with the fuel.

Water In the Carburetor

Water in the carburetor constitutes the same problem as water in the fuel tank. Spray Ballistol into your carburetor. It will emulsify with the water, allow the water to mix with the gas and burn clean away

Changing Tires in Tire Shop

Ballistol is compatible with rubber as used in car tires. In the process of putting new tires on a rim, Ballistol can be used to lubricate the tires and to lubricate and clean the rims, as well as to lubricate the tools and machines used in the process. Ballistol’s high and long lasting lubricity in combination with its multiple uses make it not only the one and only substance needed in the tire shop, but the use of Ballistol will also speed up the process of tire changing considerably, thus making the operation more cost effective.

Protecting Door Locks against Freezing

Ballistol will protect door locks against freezing during the cold season. It can also be used to defrost door locks that are already frozen

Octane Booster

When added to fuel, Ballistol works like an octane booster. It eliminates knocking and hesitations. It is especially recommended when driving a car tuned to low elevations into the mountains. Add between 2 and 3 fluid ounces of Ballistol to each 10 gallons of fuel (or 1 quart per 100 gallons of fuel). Pour in the Ballistol first and then add the fuel.

Top Engine Oil

Ballistol has been highly recommended and used for decades as a top oil for combustion engines (Otto-motors) in cars, airplanes, motorcycles and boats. Best results have been achieved with a mixture of 1% Ballistol to the fuel (approx. 1.28 fl oz. per gallon of fuel or 1 quart per 25 gallons of fuel or 1 gallon per 100 gallons of fuel). Ballistol improves the lubrication of the upper cylinders and pistons, reduces the wear and tear inside the motor when cold starting the engine. As an alkaline oil it also neutralizes the acidic residues from fuel and motor oil combustion inside the cylinders, when the engine cools down.

Winterization of Motors

Whenever an engine is exposed to a change from higher to lower temperature, which, if for no other reason, occurs when a motor cools down from its operating temperature to environmental temperature, condensation water forms inside a motor. This condensation water dissolves the acidic residues from fuel combustion inside the motor, forming acids. It is these acids which destroy a motor faster than any use. In order to neutralize them an oil must meet two requirements: it must be alkaline and It must be emulsifiable with water. Ballistol meets both requirements. When winterizing any motor, remove the spark plugs, fill approximately 1-2 fluid ounces of Ballistol into the openings and tap with a clean piece of Ballistol soaked cotton cloth (do not use plastic fiber). Ballistol will keep your motor clean as a whistle. When you restart the motor, the Ballistol contained in the cylinders will bum away without residues producing white exhaust fumes for a short period of time.

Acidic and Galvanic Corrosion

Normal corrosion is oxidation. Normal corrosion inhibitors protect only against oxidation. Most do it by covering up the surface to which they are applied acting like a paint or coating. That works fine, as long as lubrication is not also needed on the same part. Ballistol has been engineered to provide an optimal combination of lubrication and corrosion protection. This is why Ballistol fights corrosion in a way which is not hostile to lubrication. Ballistol inhibits corrosion in a chemical way, not mechanically. Its alkalinity protects not only against oxidation but also against acidic corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and salt water corrosion which is a mix of all of the above.

Battery fluid is a very corrosive agent. If it spills it can damage contacts, cables and other exposed metallic parts. Even its vapors can corrode electric connections located near a battery. Ballistol can neutralize acid spills chemically and protect contacts and cables.

Electrical Contacts

Ballistol is safe for use in electrical networks. Its electrical conductivity of only 0.05 Micro-Siemens / cm. makes it practically an insulator for most electrical applications up to approx. 5,000 Volts. Ballistol dissolves traces of copper and brass and their oxidation products and is therefore excellent for the maintenance of electrical contacts, switches, relays or breakers especially in areas where lubrication might be required, too.

Warning: Do not apply Ballistol to electrical Installations, when the Ballistol is emulsified with water or when the electrical installations are wet.


Ballistol can be used on motorcycles just like on cars. In addition Ballistol can serve as a chain lube and for the maintenance and preservation of saddle bags, boots and motorcycle clothing out of leather. It will prevent the leather from becoming hard and brittle and it will make it practically water impermeable. Ballistol can be applied to leather even while it is still wet. It will impede the development of fungus and mildew in the leather. Brass accessories on motorcycles can be cleaned and polished with Ballistol. Ballistol also cleans and shines chrome and stainless steel and it cleans aluminum, but will not make it shiny.

Warning: Do not spray Ballistol on brakes and brake discs. It will reduce friction significantly and with it the effectiveness of the brakes!

Recreational Vehicles and Campers

An RV is a combination of a house and a motor vehicle. Accordingly, it has all the uses for Ballistol which exist in both areas.

Diesel Fuel

Due to new US regulations Diesel fuel now contains less sulfur. The decrease in sulfur content has greatly decreased the lubricity of Diesel fuel. However, Diesel motors and Diesel pumps are engineered to use the lubricity of the Diesel fuel for their own lubrication. Less lubricity in Diesel fuel means more wear and tear in Diesel motors and Diesel pumps. This means higher cost for trucking companies. If only approx. 1% of Ballistol is added to the Diesel fuel (one quart per 25 gallons or 1 gallon per 100 gallons of Diesel fuel), the fuel regains up to 80% of its previous lubricity without adding more sulfur. To add a gallon of Ballistol to every 100 gallons Diesel fuel will cost fleet owners more – but much less than short lived Diesel engines and pumps.

Mix-Ratios for Ballistol

When added to fuel: 2-3 fl.oz. / 10 gal fuel
When adding to rinse: 2-6 fi oz / gal of water
When adding to diesel: 1 quart /25 gal. of diesel
For general cleaning: 2-3 fl.oz. / gal. of water
To shine gel coat of boat: Pure or 50% with water
On green plants & grass : 1-2 fl.oz. / gal. of water
Woody plant parts: Pure
Electrical equipment: Pure

We are certain that you will find more amazing uses for BALLISTOL.


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