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BALLISTOL has been around in Europe for over three generations. Originally invented for military use it became a household word in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Millions of users have experimented with BALLISTOL and found new surprising applications for it, some of which reach into the field of veterinary and even human medicine. In the United States the law prohibits a seller to advertise or recommend a product for use as a drug in human or veterinary medicine, unless the Food and Drug Administration have approved it for these uses. BALLISTOL has not been submitted for approval by the FDA as a drug. In Germany a modified formula of BALLISTOL, NEO-BALLISTOL, is admitted for use in veterinary and human medicine. NEO-BALLISTOL is not sold in the USA, Canada or Mexico.



In 1874, Friedrich Wilhelm Klever, an attorney with interest in economy, founded the Klever Company” in Cologne, Germany. He began producing oils and greases from coal and eventually bought a coal mine so he would not run out of raw materials. At the turn of the century the imperial German Army (the Wehrmacht) began to look for an all-around oil. The idea was to maintain the metallic parts of the soldier’s rifle but also to protect the wooden stocks and his leather gear. The soldier was to use the same oil for the treatment of minor wounds, sores and scratches. Friedrich’s son, Dr. Helmut Klever, had become a professor of chemistry at the Technical University of Karlsruhe. He set out to develop what the Army wanted. In 1904 he succeeded to produce a special oil which he named BALLISTOL, from the word ballistic and the Latin word for oil, ‘oleum’. Thus the descriptive meaning of the word BALLISTOL is: ballistic oil. It soon became obvious that the new wonder Oil had truly amazing capabilities. The Army tested it and adopted it in 1905 and it stayed in use until 1945. But the word had spread and within a decade hunters, boaters, motorists, hikers, mountaineers and outdoorsmen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland convened to the new miracle oil.


The most astounding feature of BALLISTOL is perhaps its universality. There are other protectants/lubricants in the market, but none of them have the same wide range of applications, in combination with other unique capabilities, as compared to BALLISTOL. BALLISTOL can be used to clean, to preserve, to protect, to prevent corrosion, to maintain, to impregnate and disinfect not only objects made out of metal but also out of wood, hard plastics and even smooth leather WARNING: Do not use on suede.

BALLISTOL is slightly alkaline in an emulsion of BALLISTOL: water=1:20. While most other brands are pH-neutral, i.e. have pH around 7, BALLISTOL has a pH of between 8 and 8.5. This is why BALLISTOL is capable of neutralizing mild acids and human hand sweat, which is of a slightly acidic nature BALLISTOL does not resinify. Most other lubricants are subject to relatively fast aging and oxidation. They harden in time-a process that is called “resinification”. The oil begins to thicken, becomes sticky, gluey and finally turns into a hard resinous substance. By contrast, BALLISTOL contains a combination of anti-oxidents and medical oils, which-together-make it much less susceptible to the process of aging than other lubricants.

In 1985 a battle with BALLISTOL was found in an attic where it had been left for over 60 years. The oil had not hardened and the chemical analysis revealed that it still had the same degree of purity as freshly produced BALLISTOL. The oil had become a little darker but not even the slightest trace of resinification could be discovered.

After WW2 the Klever Company conducted a long-term test with BALLISTOL. Several rifles and shotguns were treated with BALLISTOL, wrapped in wax-impregnated paper and stored in a trunk. All this was done under the supervision of a sworn expert for firearms and explosives. After 25 years the same expert opened the packages and inspected the firearms. All weapons had remained completely rust free on the inside and outside. No resinfication of BALLISTOL had occurred. After pulling a dry cotton wad through the barrels several rounds were fired from the weapons without malfunction.

BALLISTOL truly stands the test of time. If something needs long term preservation, only BALLISTOL will do the job.


BALLISTOL is biodegradable. Neither its use nor its disposal will pollute our precious air or water. Its natural decomposition will not produce any by-products that may be harmful to the environment. It you wish to spray it you can do so by means of a pump spray device or an aerosol. The aerosol does not contain CFCs as propellant but butane and pressurized air. BALLISTOL allows you to protect, dean, preserve, lubricate, impregnate and disinfect your equipment without contaminating the environment.


Human sweat is composed of amino acids and is, therefore, of a slightly acidic nature. This can be a real problem in fine mechanics. The effect of human hand sweat on polished metal surfaces is similar to the etching process. This is why BALLISTOL is widely used in the precision gauge and tool industry and in the production of scales or other precision instruments. For the same reason BALLISTOL is used in quality control departments of manufacturing companies and in laboratories for the protection and maintenance of precision gauges and measuring tools.

BALLISTOL forms a protective film on the surface of metals. Due to its low superficial tension it is capable of creeping into the finest cracks and fissures in metallic surfaces.

Of course, BALLISTOL can do whatever other lubricants/protectants can do. Use it on tight or squeaky hinges, on door locks, padlocks, for me maintenance of gardening tools, lawn mowers, scissors, pocket knives, as sharpening oil, on bicycles, motorcycles, your model train, roller skates or blades, ski bindings and edges, etc., etc. But BALLISTOL does more. It can be used to polish silver and brass. And it will even protect WET surfaces. Unlike most other lubricants BALLISTOL emulsifies with water. Water will separate the leading brand from metal. BALLISTOL mixes with the water and penetrates it. When the water evaporates, BALLISTOL stays behind and continues to protect the metal or plastic or wood.


While BALLISTOL can lubricate and protect anything in and on your car or motorcycle, some applications may appear surprising and deserve mentioning. BALLISTOL will prevent your door locks from freezing in the cold season. It will keep your battery terminals corrosion free. But it will also neutralize excess acid around your batteries, which is a frequent cause of corrosion of terminals and connecting cables.

Wire pulls on motorcycles can be lubricated and maintained in smooth operation with BALLISTOL. A few drops of BALLISTOL in the last bucket of water, when you wash your car, will brighten up dull body paint. Dry car with soft cotton cloth for a better shine. Cleans and maintains all chrome plated parts.

Soak tar and insect stains with BALLISTOL and wipe with a soft cotton cloth to remove them. If you cannot get your usual high-octane fuel or if you are driving in the mountains and your motor starts knocking: pour a few fluid ounces of BALLISTOL in your tank and the knocking will subside.

If you are a collector of oldies, or if you wish to demobilize your vehicle for an extended period of time, BALLISTOL is for you. Unscrew the spark plugs and pour or spray about one fluid ounce of BALLISTOL into each cylinder. Then close the opening with BALLISTOL soaked cotton cloth. The same applies to winterizing boat or motorcycle motors. Due to its alkalinity, BALLISTOL will neutralize acidic residues from fuel and oil combustion and keep cylinders and pistons corrosion free.

BALLISTOL can be emulsified with water. However, even the milky white emulsion acts as a corrosion protectant. When the water evaporates, BALLISTOL is left behind and continues to protect. BALLISTOL can be used to evacuate water from fuel tanks, due to its cap8bility to react with the gas and the water.


BALLISTOL is ideal for the re-lubrication of moving mechanical parts of typewriters, electronic printers, video cameras, printing calculators, etc. because of its resistance to resinification and its compatibility with plastic components. The German PC magazine “64er” tested BALLISTOL on a Star LN10 printer with very positive results (64er, no. 5, May 1988, pp. 34-35).

When using BALLISTOL in electronic equipment do not spray! Apply with fine watercolor brush or pipette. BALLISTOL has a conductivity of 0.005 Micro-Siemens/cm, which is 1/60 the conductivity of water. It is thus nearly an insulator and safe for use in electrical insulation.


BALLISTOL maintains, protects, preserves and rejuvenates unpainted wooden surfaces. It regenerates natural wood and brings out the wood grain. It protects wood against damage from humidity and insects. Especially antique furniture and old, dry, dull wood regain their natural silky glow when treated with BALLLISTOL. BALLISTOL is ideal for oiled Stocks of firearms.


BALLISTOL dissolves traces of lead, copper, zinc, brass and tombac, which are used to make projectiles and jackets for them. Residues of these metals will remain in the bore of any firearm as a result of shooting jacketed or unjacketed lead projectiles. The use of BALLISTOL makes scraping or brushing the bore unnecessary. Just pour or spray enough BALLISTOL into barrel and chamber, turn the firearm around several times to allow BALLISTOL to reach all parts and let it act for a while. It will then completely clean out all of those residues.

Due to its alkaline character, BALLISTOL is ideal for cleaning and maintaining black powder firearms. The residues from black powder in chambers and bores are acidic. BALLISTOL neutralizes and dissolves them. This eliminates the need for brutal mechanical scrubbing and aggressive solvents.

Using BALLISTOL to maintain wooden gunstocks is particularly recommendable in climates with frequent rain and/or high relative humidity. Wood absorbs water and swells as a consequence. This may mean: your stocks become bigger, wider and longer as they absorb more and more water. Before long they will no longer fit your gun or even crack. BALLISTOL will also prevent wood from drying out in hot arid climates.


Leather that is frequently exposed to rain or high humidity will become hard and brittle, if not treated adequately. BALLISTOL will keep all smooth leathers soft. However, being an oil after all, BALLISTOL SHOULD NOT BE USED ON SUEDE FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. BALLISTOL effectively protects leather against the impact of water, insects and fungi. Its use is recommended for carrying slings, belts, scabbards, holsters, boots, saddles, bridles, baseball gloves, saddle bags and motorcycle clothes made of leather.

If properly processed, leather will contain acidic residues from tannic acid. BALLISTOL will form a permanent chemical compound with these residues within the leather, which will make the leather virtually impermeable to water. Handguns, in particular police handguns, are mostly carried and even stored in leather holsters. If not out of stainless steel, or chrome or nickel plated, handguns may develop corrosion in the areas where they have direct contact with the leather. By treating the inside of the holster with BALLISTOL the acidic residues from tannic acid will be completely neutralized and this source of corrosion will be eliminated.


BALLISTOL will not negatively affect plastic materials or paints which are chemically resistant to oils. Specifically, BALLISTOL will not adversely affect PVC, high-pressure polyethylenes, mipolam, teflon-derivatives or hostaflon derivatives. It can be safely applied to the gel coat of fiberglass boats. Caution is recommended with foamed polymers like polyester, foamed rubber or caulking foam in the areas of direct contact. As a rule of thumb, it may be safely assumed that all plastic materials, polymers, paints, lacquers or varnishes that are chemically neutral toward technical oils will not be adversely affected by BALLISTOL either. The same holds true about rubber objects. All those types of rubber, which are chemically resistant against mineral oils, will also remain unaffected by BALLISTOL. Rubbers that are not resistant against mineral oils may become brittle if exposed to BALLISTOL for an extended period or time and/or under higher than ambient temperatures. If applied thinly, BALLISTOL is suitable for maintaining and cleaning any sort of rubber without damage.

Varnishes are synthetic substances, which transform into polymers when drying. Their characteristics can vary widely depending an their chemical composition. All those varnishes and paints which have a chemical structure similar to the one of oil-resistant polymers are chemically resistant to BALLISTOL.

A thin film of BALLISTOL can be used to polish painted surfaces. It will restore their original shine and additionally will make them water-repellant. However, care should be taken not to apply too much BALLISTOL, since this would not only be a waste but might also make the paint dull. When washing your car, put a few drops of BALLISTOL into the last bucket of water and dry with a clean cotton cloth. This will definitely brighten up your car’s paint.

BALLISTOL has been used with great success on old gramophone records. If applied thinly it will eliminate static noise and enhance the sound quality. DO NOT USE ON COMPACT DISCS!


Numerous beverage manufacturers, bottling companies and breweries in Europe use BALLISTOL for the maintenance and protection of their machinery. Among them are bottling stations for Coca Cola, mineral water companies and, of course, many of Germany’s famous beer breweries. One of Germany’s largest precision scale manufacturers, BIZERBA, has specified BALLISTOL for use in their precision scales and has been using it for many years. The main reason is that BALLISTOL does not resinify even after a long time and that parts lubricated with BALLISTOL will never become sticky or glued together and thus cause increased friction, which is crucial for highly sensitive precision scales.

The general food industry uses BALLISTOL for two major reasons: it is not toxic to people and pets, and what remains, after the components of BALLISTOL that can evaporate have evaporated, is of practically neutral odor and taste. And that is important to German beer brewers, who are committed to making beer under the strict rules of the “REINHEITSGEBOT”, the purity law, issued in 1516 by Bavarian Dukes Wilhelm and Ludwig. In the USA BALLISTOL has been approved by the USDA for use in the poultry and meat industry in areas with no direct contact with food.


BALLISTOL will temporarily protect metal parts against salt water corrosion. Excellent for winches. Use BALLISTOL to rub on the gel coat of your fiberglass boat hull and make your old boat look ten years younger. Electric contacts on boats and trailers can be protected against fast corrosion from salt water by spraying them with BALLISTOL. A little BALLISTOL sprayed inside the anchor and position lights and on the various contacts under the dashboard will slow down decay of electric connections and switches. Use BALLISTOL on all wood on your boat. Use it in your boat motor to winterize it or as anti-knock additive to fuel. Since BALLISTOL dissolves traces of copper, you can use it to make brass shine again.

BALLISTOL works fine on zippers made out of metal or plastic. Apply with a fine watercolor brush so as not to leave fatty spots on your canvas top, side curtains, awnings or wind breaker. BALLISTOL is ideal for lubricating and protecting the external, and internal mechanical parts of fishing reels. It does not adversely affect monofilament fishing line.


BALLISTOL can be used to protect and lubricate all sorts of gardening tools like scissors, sickles, hedge trimmers, weed whackers, lawn mowers, hose connections, chain saws, etc. It will not adversely affect plants, including food plants.


  • Lubricates hinges, door locks, padlocks, scissors, pocket knives, bicycle chains, roller skates or blades, sliding doom and windows.

  • Cleans silver and brass.

  • Lubricates moving mechanical parts of typewriters, video cameras, printing calculators, etc.

  • Rejuvenates wood surfaces, especially antique furniture.

  • Cleans and impregnates leather boots, saddles, jackets, motorcycle clothing, saddle bags, holsters, slings and belts.

  • Keeps battery terminals free of corrosion and neutralizes spilled acid.

  • Removes tar and insect stains.

  • Winterizes motors, neutralizes acidic residues from fuel combustion in engines, prevents engine knocking when added to fuel.

  • Helps extract water from fuel tanks, shines gel coat on fiberglass boats, protect electrical contacts on boats and trailers, lubricates plastic and metal zippers, lubricates fishing reels, and inhibits corrosion from salt and salt water.

  • Removes traces of lead, copper and tombac from bores and chambers of firearms.

  • Seals and protects wooden stocks of firearms, neutralizes acidic residues in black powder guns.

  • Removes hard-baked soot from glass doors of fireplaces and woodstoves, frees calcium-locked faucets.

  • Removes ballpoint pen ink from smooth surfaces.

  • Cleans the strings and fret-boards of guitars and other stringed instruments.

  • Increases performance of C02 model airplane motors.

We are certain that you will find more amazing uses for BALLISTOL.


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