There are many knitting machine Programs on the market, for use with your Personal Computer. With these, it is possible to design shapes, stitch patterns, etc.. Such programs will even download the information into your electronic knitting machine.


Design-A-Knit8, commonly referred to as DAK, is an integrated garment and stitch pattern design program for machine and hand knitting. DAK8 allows machine knitters to control the movement of every needle on the bed to create personalized stitch patterns, rather than work within the limits of a 24-stitch punch-card system or hand manipulating needles.

Designing garment shapes is a breeze with built-in standardized shapes or original pattern drafting. Once you’ve created a shape and stitch pattern, DAK8 will let you integrate the two so that stitch pattern placement is exactly where you want it to be on your garment piece.

Choose from either

DAK8 Standard
DAK8 Professional
DAK8 Handknit
DAK 8 Complete

You can mix and match those options that you need: for instance Professional Machine and Handknit.
If you have an earlier version of DAK, upgrades are available at a lower price.